General Company Description


Castle Hill Design & Associates, LLC  Minority Service Connected Disabled Veteran Owned Business located ia Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone) and the City of Jackson Business Incentive District (BID) which offers a unique business model that has a number of exceptional features.  The primary distinguishing factor of our company is the integration of three distinct business operations, Business Development; Chommercial Investment; and Green Manufacturing, that work in unison to the accomplishments, executive directives, community based economic development and the specific business goals of Castle Hill Design & Associates as relates to the corporate vision.

The Business Development/Project Management Division specializes in assisting small to moderately sized businesses develop effective corporate, marketing and operational infrastructures.  This division plays an essential part in our overall market strategy because a majority of our clients are attempting to accurately assess their company’s viability and, further, weigh their options.  This position allows Castle Hill Design & Associates the opportunity to illustrate diverse progression and/or exit strategies to meet their specific needs.  The Business Development Division assists commercial and governmental contractors in various project management assignments at varying stages in those projects.  Castle Hill Design & Associates can assist our clients in any project, and all projects consist of three components: resources, timeframe and product/ services.  Given these parameters it is generally a matter of plugging the correct project team into the right project.

A primary sector of our Business Development Division is Commercial and Residential Construction.  What makes this component unique is our business approach – the integration of three distinct commercial business operations within one construction module; General Construction & Construction Management, Project/Program Management and Property Management.  What gives our company merit is our unwavering commitment to uplifting the community around us, providing the unequivocally best customer service and integration of new environmentally conscious materials and technologies in each project accomplishment.  Our construction philosophy: provide the best product at the best cost before the allotted timeframe.

The Commercial Investment Division finds businesses and creates lucrative positive cash flow deals where an average 38% gross profit margin can be realized through specific acquisitions and mergers.  This division navigates throughout the market without limits or boundaries of specific restraint due to the ability of the executive team to anticipate market trends with a high degree of certainty.  In turn, the executive team act prudently to ascertain the advantage in those scenarios and avoid unwanted exposure associated with the traditional institutional investment approach.  Castle Hill Design & Associates specializes in extremely creative business implementations and unconventional exit strategies for complex business structures and high leverage scenarios.  Traditionally, our competitors’ approaches to business problems demand hundreds of man hours and expensive fees, generally yielding solutions with little deviation from their industry peers.  This increases their exposure – an unattractive proposition for stockholders and institutional settings.  Castle Hill Design & Associates has only two considerations when acquiring a new client or business management scenario: 1) executing all business strategies swiftly and prudently, and 2) providing our clients the best interactive strategy for the accomplishment of their goals.

Castle Hill Design & Associates has developed a strong, comprehensive and market flexible strategy to successfully navigate and dominate our sector of the business industry.  Our company’s primary goal is to provide the best strategies for our clients and maximize the potential of every acquisition and merger.